Garfield Fisher

Statistician, Data Scientist & Teacher - 25 Years Experience, 300+ Projects

I Work and Live in 3 Cities in 3 Countries

New York City, Ottawa Ontario, & Pune India

Statistician, Data Scientist & Teacher

For 25 years I've worked as a Consulting Statistician travelling throughout Canada, the U.S. and India.

In 2006 I moved to Pune India. I opened a niche Analytics Consulting company specializing in Hospital Accreditation Analytics.

My move to Southeast Asia inspires a lot of interest on both sides of the Arabian Sea. Americans are curious about many things. Toilet paper, hot food and health care are often in the same question.

This year I am living in New York City. I'm very excited to be coding some cutting edge Analytics Software with a great group of Engineers and Statisticians in the Big Apple.

Ottawa Ontario, Canada is home when I am not in New York or Pune.

I'm Passionate About


Each year I make it a point to offer low-cost Analytics Consulting to struggling organizations. All too often great social programs lose funding simply because data are not collected, analyzed or reported properly to the funding agency.


Make it practical and make it real. Teaching others to use Analytics is a large part of what I do. I teach in University Lecture Halls and Corporate Boardrooms. I teach Applied Analytics, Research Methods & Data Visualization.


I began traveling early in my consulting career. I am attracted to challenges in far away places. I love building Mobile Data Collection tools for rural and remote regions so Data Scientists anywhere can find solutions to difficult problems.

  • 300+ Projects

    Analytics to Predict Grammy Award Winning Talent

    Develop Data Science Programs in US Colleges

    Open Student Recruitment Offices in India

    Develop Data Visualization Software for Statistics

    Evaluate Rural Physician Recruitment Strategies

    Develop Hospital Mobile App for Smoking Cessation

  • 25 Years Experience


    CEO BaseMetrics Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario) - 2000-Present

    Founded in 2000 as a niche Analytics Company. Today we have an international presence providing a range of Analytics services.


    CEO EvaluPlan Consulting Inc. - 1995-Present

    Co-founder of EvaluPlan, a professional management services company specializing in Analytics based evaluation studies.

  • Teaching Experience

    University of New Brunswick - Statistics (1994-1999)

    Immediately following Graduate School I accepted an offer as part-time instructor in the Faculties of Education, Nursing & Math. I taught both Undergraduate and Graduate Statistics & Research Methods.

    Today, learning occurs in the boardroom and in the classroom. Data Science is not confined to a lab.

  • Education

    University of New Brunswick - Masters in Education

    Concentration: Analytics & Evaluation in Education

    Thesis: The Role of Self-Efficacy in the Experience, Expression & Control of Anger

    University of New Brunswick - Bachelor of Art Honors

    Concentration: Statistics and Research Methods

    Thesis: Children of Military Families: Coping with the Stress of Father Absence

  • Value Add Analytics

    I started BaseMetrics in 2000. My company offers niche Analytics services in Canada, Mexico, India and the US. I typically work with organizations already strong in Analytics but who need short-term "Value-Add" solutions like Advanced Bayesian Predictive Modeling.

    Software Development

    In 2006 I opened my first international Analtyics office in Pune India. In 2013 I opened my second international office in Huajuapan De Leon Mexico where our software engineers work. In 2015 I plan to expand my work in the US while growing our international presence.

    Data Science

    For the past few years I've assembled a culturally diverse team of designers, programmers, managers and statisticians with a singular focus - Analytics. I have worked on 300+ project in 4 countries. I have nearly 25 years experience in Data Science and Software Development.

Some of my Travel Videos

  • Garfield Fisher

    Old Delhi Market

    1200 Successive Photos Put Together in One Street View Movie of Old Delhi.
    (Music by OKA)

    Garfield Fisher

    Caring for Kids Orphanage

    Every Morning I Walk Pass This Orphanage. Today I Decided to Stop in. It Literally Changed my Life for Good.

    Garfield Fisher

    Wadgaon Sheri Market

    This Market is Within 10 Minutes of my Apartment. Great People, Great Food, and Great Memories in This Video.

  • Garfield Fisher

    India Faces From 2010

    This Video is About Capturing a Story in a Face. These Photos are From 2010. And These Two Guys Stand Out From the Crowd.

    Garfield Fisher

    The Team in Mexico

    This Video is About Me with The Guys in Mexico. I Have a Great Group of Engineers Working on Some Fantastic Analytics Software.

    Garfield Fisher

    UTM Tour

    While in Mexico I Was Invited to Talk About Data Science to a Group of Students. Afterward I was Given a Tour of The UTM Campus.

  • Garfield Fisher

    Cooking in India

    Khem cooking another great meal for us in Pune.

    Garfield Fisher

    Diwali in India

    One of the best celebrations I had while in India.

    Garfield Fisher

    Orphanage in Pune

    I prepared this video to share with the kids in Pune.

  • Garfield Fisher

    Samosa Cooking

    Again, Khem spinning his magic at the stove.

    Garfield Fisher

    View from the street in Pune

    Several hundred photos at street level.

    Garfield Fisher

    Crossing the Street

    One of the most difficult things to do in India.

One of many great beaches in Gujarat, India.

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